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  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
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    Jefferson East Branch was the first location that I received a tour from in the Farmers Branch area, after visiting/ touring pretty much all the properties in farmers branch, Jefferson East Branch had an lasting impression and experience upon me. I was first greeting by Charissa and Jennise in the front office, I received a tour by Charissa. This place was outstanding!! It had everything that I needed to live here and the price was within reason also. Charissa was upfront from the beginning about the price, amenities, and any questions I needed clarification on. I called and emailed her multiple times and she returned each call and email in a timely manner. I did my own research about the property owners and discovered that they have many locations in the Dallas area that are superb as well. Charissa was very personable and honest, not very many people are honest about their properties they mainly are concerned with the numbers and not quality but Charissa was different, she definitely aided in the final decision making process concerning the right property and location because her service rendered was beyond exceptional Thanks Jefferson East Branch for selecting first class employees.